Tutorial 9: Stokes equation


This tutorial is under construction, but the code below is already functional.

Driver that computes the lid-driven cavity benchmark at low Reynolds numbers when using a mixed FE Q(k)/Pdisc(k-1).

Load Gridap library

using Gridap

Discrete model

n = 100
domain = (0,1,0,1)
partition = (n,n)
model = CartesianDiscreteModel(domain, partition)

Define Dirichlet boundaries

labels = get_face_labeling(model)

Define reference FE (Q2/P1(disc) pair)

order = 2
reffeᵤ = ReferenceFE(lagrangian,VectorValue{2,Float64},order)
reffeₚ = ReferenceFE(lagrangian,Float64,order-1;space=:P)

Define test FESpaces

V = TestFESpace(model,reffeᵤ,labels=labels,dirichlet_tags=["diri0","diri1"],conformity=:H1)
Q = TestFESpace(model,reffeₚ,conformity=:L2,constraint=:zeromean)
Y = MultiFieldFESpace([V,Q])

Define trial FESpaces from Dirichlet values

u0 = VectorValue(0,0)
u1 = VectorValue(1,0)
U = TrialFESpace(V,[u0,u1])
P = TrialFESpace(Q)
X = MultiFieldFESpace([U,P])

Define triangulation and integration measure

degree = order
Ωₕ = Triangulation(model)
dΩ = Measure(Ωₕ,degree)

Define bilinear and linear form

f = VectorValue(0.0,0.0)
a((u,p),(v,q)) = ∫( ∇(v)⊙∇(u) - (∇⋅v)*p + q*(∇⋅u) )dΩ
l((v,q)) = ∫( v⋅f )dΩ

Build affine FE operator

op = AffineFEOperator(a,l,X,Y)


uh, ph = solve(op)

Export results to vtk


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