Documentation of the Gridap library.


These documentation pages are under construction.


Gridap provides a set of tools for the grid-based approximation of partial differential equations (PDEs) written in the Julia programming language. The main motivation behind the development of this library is to provide an easy-to-use framework for the development of complex PDE solvers in a dynamically typed style without sacrificing the performance of statically typed languages. The library currently supports linear and nonlinear PDE systems for scalar and vector fields, single and multi-field problems, conforming and nonconforming finite element discretizations, on structured and unstructured meshes of simplices and hexahedra.

How to use this documentation

  • The first step for new users is to visit the Getting Started page.

  • A set of tutorials written as Jupyter notebooks and html pages are available here.

  • The detailed documentation is in the Manual section.

  • Guidelines for developers of the Gridap project is found in the Gridap wiki page.

Julia educational resources

A basic knowledge of the Julia programming language is needed to use the Gridap package. Here, one can find a list of resources to get started with this programming language.